Name of God Iranian pilgrimage of pilgrimage accepts rain in the Hajj area and represents the pilgrimage of the pilgrimage of Hajjis. As the Great Emperor Wazir Ayatollah Seyyed Ali Khamenei has said, the rest of the Hajjis are not different from the Iranian nation. The United States of America The Zionist regime only wants the Muslims to throw the world together. The difference between the Muslims is their work. King of Saudi Arabia Dear Saudi Ambassador to Saudi Arabia Mr. Mohammad Salman Zalam is a big mistake for the people of Yemen. The work of Mohammad Sultan was good at arresting the corrupt in the Al-Saud regime, but attacking the Yemeni people is a very wrong thing, or protecting the occupation of Al-Khalifa and suppressing the people of the Persian Gulf, the Islamic Republic of Iran (Bahrain), should not be persecuted and oppressive. Do money so much It is worth noting that killing his religious brother is worthless My brother Houthi Dreiman will surely be the victors of the sedition, because they are backed by the Umwelt Sharif of Yemen. Ayatollah Sheikh Isa Qasim Imam Jumah Neghine of the Persian Gulf will be the victor of the Bahraini revolution and the invasion of the occupiers. We will support the oppressed and the enemy of the ruthless Al-Azad tribes will think a little about the oppression and protection of the end. Are Sunni sacrifices reciprocated? The supporters are rewarded. Why Imam Mamun Abbasi Radkurd but Mamoun said he would attack Medina. I said if he was blamed for my mind, it is not good to travel to Touz. Is this true or bleeding? The Yemeni people will presume that Al-Assad should impose this on him. We must accept that this oppression does not mean that we are Iranians who are oppressed and wanted.